New Ford C-Max offers the latest Hybrid technology

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2016 Ford C-Max Power and Efficiency

2016 Ford C-Max Hybrid San Antonio TX

New technology has really made its way into new cars these days and you can see it in action when buying a new Ford model. The latest hybrid technology now gives vehicles like the new Ford C-Max Hybrid, the ability to offer some incredible fuel economy ratings. Although hybrid cars are not as new as the used to be, their has been some incredible advancements in the way their engines are being built and that is clearly evident in the 2016 Ford C-Max Hybrid in San Antonio, TX. The new Ford C-Max is a four-door hatchback wagon that offers seating for five-passengers and is available in two trim levels: SE and SEL. Read the rest of this entry »

Avoid making mistakes at the dealership with these 5 tips

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Top 5 Mistakes made at a car dealership

Car Shopping Mistakes

Buying a new or used car is a big deal. Not only are you spending a lot of money on a newer vehicle, but you’re also spending a lot of time researching new and used cars to help ensure that you buy a vehicle that best suits your driving needs. Not many drivers get too excited about the car buying process and it’s easy to understand why. Dealing with a car dealership and its salespeople can be a little overwhelming but they are there to help you find the best vehicle. To help you navigate through the car buying process we’ve listed a few tips you can use when visiting a dealership so you can get the car, truck or SUV you’ve always dreamed of driving. Avoid these car shopping mistakes and you’ll be happy with your purchase. Read the rest of this entry »

Must-see Halloween events in San Antonio

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San Antonio Halloween Attractions

2015 Halloween Events San Antonio TX

As we approach one of America’s most beloved holidays, I’m sure many people are wondering where they can go to for some thrills and chills. Whether you are searching for an extremely scary haunted house, a fun family-friendly night out or a ghost tour around one of San Antonio’s many haunted places, this list of attractions is just what you’re looking for. Celebrate this year’s Halloween with a night of fright. Below you will find the local ghost tours and haunted houses in San Antonio, TX for 2015. Read the rest of this entry »

3 signs that tell you it’s time to get a newer car

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3 Signs it’s Time Buy a New Car

When is it Time to Replace Your Car

There are many advantages of owning a car. For some of us it’s not a luxury but more of a necessity. Whether you’re using it to get to work, or for work, it’s important to know that it will get you there safely and not break down on you. As vehicles get older and rack up more miles on them, they can tend to be a little less reliable and also run the risk of costing you a lot of money to fix them if something does go wrong with them. Eventually you must make the decision of buying a new or used car or spending the money to fix the one you already have. So when is it time to replace your car? The following list will show you the signs to look for and offer insight to help you determine what the best decision is for you. Read the rest of this entry »

2016 Ford Focus arrives with new technology

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New Ford Focus San Antonio

2016 Ford Focus San Antonio TX

As one of the best-selling Ford models ever produced, you can imagine that it has a lot going for it, and you’d be right.The Focus is one of the most versatile and all-around best vehicles in the auto industry. And year-after-year it just keeps impressing drivers all over the world. What makes it so versatile and such a hot seller? The new 2016 Ford Focus in San Antonio, TX is is available as a four-door sedan or as a four-door hatchback so you can choose the style that best fits your driving personality. The 2016 Focus is also offered in three trim levels: S, SE and Titanium with each offering its own special blend of comfort, technology and luxury. Read the rest of this entry »

Trick-or-treating times in San Antonio

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2015 Trick or treat times San Antonio

2015 Trick-or-treat times San Antonio TX

For many families Halloween is one of the most fun and eventful times of the year full of spooky excitement. I mean what other time of year can the kids get all dressed up and walk around the neighborhood to get free candy. Whether you are looking for 2015 trick-or-treating times in San Antonio TX for your kids, or just wondering when they will all start ringing your doorbell, the following 2015 Trick-or-treat times will help you get prepared for another year of tricks and treats. When: Trick or treating times in San Antonio TX will be on Saturday October 31, 2015, between 6:00 and 8:30 p.m. Read the rest of this entry »

Shopping secrets that can save you money on a used car

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4 Ways to Save on a Used Car

4 Ways to Save on a Used Car

If you are searching for a great deal on a used car, this is going to be perfect for you. Between Labor Day and Thanksgiving is typically the best time to save money on a used car in San Antonio, TX. Whether you’re shopping for a used car here at Mac Haik’s Southway Ford, or are going somewhere else, these car shopping secrets will help you save money on your new ride. Below you will find 4 ways to save on a used car the next time you visit the dealership. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Tips for longer-lasting tires

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How can I get my tires to last longer

How can I get my tires to last longer

With so many repair costs and vehicle maintenance fees that come with owning a car, there has to be some way to save money on basic auto care. There is. While there are not too many things we can do to save money on routine and regular vehicle maintenance procedures, there is however one specific thing we do have control over. Getting more miles out your tires is something you can and do have control over. Have you ever asked yourself “how can I get my tires to last longer?” If so, then these 3 tips for longer-lasting tires will be perfect for you. Start saving money on new tires now. Read the rest of this entry »

Family-friendly Fall activities in San Antonio highlight change of seasons

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Pumpkin Patches, Hayrides and Corn Mazes San Antonio, TX

Pumpkin Patches, Hayrides and Corn Mazes San Antonio, TX

Are you ready for fall? I hope so because it’s on it’s way and lucky for us that means fun Fall activities like hayrides, corn mazes and pumpkin patches are ready for families to take advantage of. Not sure where to find a pumpkin patches, hayrides and corn mazes in San Antonio, TX? This list of farms and businesses offer all of the fun things that you want to do this fall with the entire family. Find one that is close to where you live, or take a road trip to one that you’ve never been to before.
Read the rest of this entry »

New Ford Expedition delivers luxury and capability

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2016 Ford Expedition Features

2016 Ford Expedition San Antonio, TX

There are SUVs that promise to give you all of the qualities you are looking for and then there are SUVs that actually deliver them. If you are searching for the best full-size SUV in the auto industry that delivers the luxury and capability you are want and need, then the best option is the Ford Expedition. Its powerful engine and large interior offer the strength, capability, versatility and comfort you have always dreamed of having in your vehicle. The new 2016 Ford Expedition in San Antonio, TX is a full-size SUV that gives you more than any other vehicle in its popular segment. Read the rest of this entry »