2015 Ford Expedition vs 2015 Chevy Tahoe

The competition for the large SUV is fierce. There are so many models available offering state-of-the-art features and heavy duty performance, it is hard to keep track of what is actually the best SUV out there. Two of the leading SUVs on the market are the 2015 Ford Expedition and 2015 Chevy Tahoe. These are pretty similar vehicles and through impressive performance, safety, and versatility the Ford Expedition and Chevy Tahoe have risen to the top of their class.  

When comparing the 2015 Ford Expedition vs 2015 Chevy Tahoe, it is clear why these SUVs are so popular. Both vehicles offer standard seating for 8 passengers, with plenty of space and room for cargo. The Ford Expedition and Chevy Tahoe also both have powerful engines and impressive hauling and towing capacities. So which large SUV is actually the better buy? 

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2015 Ford Expedition VS 2015 Chevy Tahoe
$44,585 MSRP $46,300
365 hp, 3.5-liter V-6 Engine 355 hp, 5.3-liter V-8
9,200 lbs. Towing Capacity 8,600 lbs.
5 stars NHTSA Safety Rating - Overall 4 stars

2015 Ford Expedition Superior to 2015 Chevy Tahoe

When you look at the specifications  for the 2015 Ford Expedition and 2015 Chevy Tahoe, you can actually see the Expedition is superior to the Tahoe in many areas. First of all it has a better overall safety rating from the NHTSA of 5 stars, as opposed to the Tahoe's 4 stars. The Ford Expedition also has a more powerful engine with 365 horsepower and 420 lbs.-ft. of torque as opposed to the Chevy Tahoe's 355 horsepower and 383 lbs.-ft. of torque. The 2015 Ford Expedition even has higher capacities for towing and hauling than the 2015 Chevy Tahoe. The Ford Expedition has an available towing capacity of 9,200 lbs. and available payload capacity of 1,850 lbs. where the Chevy Tahoe only has an available towing capacity of 8,600 lbs. and available payload capacity of 1,752 lbs. 

Best of all, the 2015 Ford Expedition is actually almost $2,000 less than the 2015 Chevy Tahoe. With more power and higher capacities at a more affordable price, the new Ford Expedition is truly the better buy. If you are in the market for a new large SUV, you should consider the 2015 Ford Expedition. For more information or to see the new Ford Expedition in person, you can stop into Mac Haik Southway Ford and we will be happy to set you up on a test drive. Come find out for yourself what makes the 2015 Ford Expedition a leader in its class. 

2015 Ford Expedition Exterior Gray
2015 Chevy Tahoe exterior red
2015 Ford Expedition Interior Dash Steering Wheel
2015 Chevy Tahoe Interior Dash Steering Wheel

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